LGBT Estate Planning

iWillandTrust is happy to offer online estate planning for same-sex couples.

If you are a same-sex couple, married or not, and you want a "reciprocal" or "mirror image" estate plan with your spouse or partner, iWillandTrust is right for you. If you want to do an estate plan without your spouse or partner, or one substantially different from your spouse’s or partner’s, iWillandTrust is not right for you.

If you are single, iWillandTrust will help you make sure your estate goes to the persons or charities you choose, rather than to those family members who would contest your choices or inherit your assets under the laws of intestacy. Similarly, it's important to name those you really trust to speak for you on medical or financial issues if you cannot communicate or are incapacitated.

Click “Begin” to create your estate plan today! If you wish to create an estate plan with your partner or spouse, click on “Begin, $599/couple,” or if you are single, click on “Begin, $399/single.”

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$399 per person


Couple Estate Planning

$599 per couple


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