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iWillandTrust maintains a secure environment where your information is safe and sound. We do not share your data with anyone other than the attorney who reviews your documents and who keeps your information confidential.

Unlike online competitors who provide form documents, iWillandTrust allows for user-friendly guidance with individualized attorney-review, so you can be confident your estate plan is customized and reliable. We are proud to make this user-friendly site accessible to many happy customers who appreciate our quality at a reasonable price. See our online will reviews below.

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Single/Couple Estate Planning rating:

4.8 out of 5 with 48 ratings
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The iWillandTrust process was incredibly easy and affordable. It was great to work with a local attorney without having to make time for an office visit. All of our questions were promptly answered and we were able to speak with the attorney by phone before finalizing our documents.

- Couple, Denver, CO

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I had been wanting to do a Will for a while, but other online sites seemed too hands off. This was easy to navigate, well-explained terms, and I loved the finished product. Professional and reasonable price for such an important document! I had a few specific questions and the attorney got back to me very quickly.

- Christine, Colorado

online will

I greatly appreciate the simplicity of the site and the education it provides on the various documents. I will definitely recommend this site to all my friends and family.

- Couple, Denver, CO

online will

My wife and I feel so much better, with peace of mind, now that we have accomplished iWillandTrust through bfwlaw. We cannot explain how the importance of the professional [involved and] that this was set up on line and the excellent staff that guided us through this process. I can only praise Shelley Thompson and her staff for getting [our estate plan] done….

- Couple, Denver

online will

Simple, easy, and quick! Helpful video tutorials.

- Couple, Denver, CO

online will

Living Trust is very affordable. Online interview is easily completed. Videos are helpful. I really appreciate having a Colorado attorney's input.

- Couple, Colorado

online will

We greatly appreciate your assistance. This was the perfect product for us.

- Couple, Denver, CO

online will

My husband and I decided to use iWillandTrust for our estate plan. We found the website easy to use with great video explanations of important topics. One of the attorneys called us when we first started our account to see if we had any questions. They also followed up when we were done to review everything. With busy schedules, this was the perfect way to do our estate plan.

- Jennie, Colorado

online will

I found iWillandTrust online and it was just the right solution for me. My estate planning is somewhat complex but not so much that I wanted to pay thousands for an attorney. The online process was straightforward with clear and helpful videos to answer common questions along the way. Once submitted I was quickly contacted by an attorney to walk through any questions. Within a few days, I had the final will done and it was shipped to me in a very nice binder. I even discovered a small issue months later and they turned around the fix in hours without a charge. Very happy with the service and would highly recommend it!

- Kim, Colorado

online will

Great way to do an estate plan with a busy schedule. The attorneys are available to talk through everything but we were able to sit down at home and do the questionnaire online. They also had great videos that explained terms that we were not familiar with. Very good experience.

- Jennie, Colorado

online will

This is an excellent product. My wife and I have neglected our estate planning for too long. Even after discovering, it took us a year before we did this. It was incredibly easy. If you do not have a will or trust, do not wait any longer. This is a great product at a great price.

- Todd, Colorado

online will

Having direct contact with an attorney through iWillandTrust was absolutely important to us when it has time to create our will. Knowing that our will was being created by an attorney through a law firm was the piece of mind that we needed. This will be the most important document that your family will ever complete so, make sure it's done right by a professional and you won't be sorry later.

- John, Colorado

online will

Very easy to use and the videos were very helpful.

- Couple with baby, Centennial, CO

online will

iWillandTrust hizo el proceso de hacer mi testamento fácil y sin muchas complicaciones. Los videos eran muy importantes para aclarar preguntas que tenia.

- Guillermo, individuo con niños adultos

online will

This really could not have been easier! It also completely removes the intimidation factor from dealing with what most view as an unpleasant task and allows one to contemplate and answer very significant questions privately with time for contemplation.

- Single man with business interests, Denver, CO


This was super easy and made creating a will much less intimidating.

- Couple, Denver, CO

legal documents

Easy to navigate website and very informative.

- Couple with baby, Loveland, CO

best wills

I have told others how easy this is and will continue to recommend this site.

- Ray, single man, Denver, CO


The site is easy to navigate and very user friendly.

- Michael and Colleen, Denver, CO

estate planning

So easy to use - highly recommend!

- Liza, Lakewood, CO

best online

The process is simple and straight forward for me. And a relief to get this done at an affordable price. Thank you!

- Joseph, single and retired, Denver, CO


Thanks for making this process far less intimidating.

- Jessie, Denver, CO

online will

Simple. Nice Tutorials. Reasonably Priced.

- Couple, South Metro Denver, CO

online will

Super easy to use and educational.

- Couple, Nederland, CO

online will

My husband and I are expecting our first baby, and this motivated us to get our estate planning completed. I highly recommend the services of for the following reasons:

  • Their website made it easy to learn about the key components of an estate plan with the built-in videos.
  • With this knowledge, we were able to easily fill out the questionnaire and choose the right documents for us.
  • The cost was a fraction of what other companies charge.
  • The attorney was quick to respond and took the time to answer all of our questions thoroughly.
  • We received our final documents in a couple of days. Other companies quoted us a timeline of several weeks.
  • The documents are comprehensive, professional and came with all the necessary instructions for signing and other action steps we needed to take.

We can now welcome our baby with peace of mind knowing our estate plan is done, and with the way the documents are worded, we should not have to make any major updates for several years. Our extended family is also pleased that we have taken the time to be prepared for unexpected life events covered by estate planning. We are 100% satisfied with the services of!

- New Parents, Colorado

will v trust

Very pleased with this experience. This isn't a ‘do it yourself’ will that you create using an internet form. The website guides you through the process, asks questions and provides educational videos. Receiving attorney-reviewed documents gives me the confidence that I have the will that is right for my situation. If you need a will and can't afford to spend thousands of dollars, this is a great option.

- Christie, northeast Colorado

online will

We just had our Trust made through today and we are so glad we did! I spent $2800 (one person) from another firm 10 years ago! cost us $600 (for married couple with kids)!!!! Everything you can think of, is all covered in our Trust! Shelley was very nice and accommodating! She took her time explaining to make sure we understand the entirety of our new Trust! Now we can rest assured that our kids are protected and taken care of. Thank you

- Cindy T., Colorado Mom

online will

My parents used this site and it gives me great peace of mind to know I am named as their healthcare power of attorney and their other documents are ready if needed.

- Melanie, Denver, CO

online will

This service is fantastic! So much easier than I had expected. I am a single mom and have needed to do this for a long time! Wish I wouldn't have procrastinated so long. I thought I would have to have all kinds of detailed information to do this online but it was so easy and I didn’t have to dig through all my files to figure out everything to enter in the forms. I did it all off the top of my head. Wonderful service. Thank you!!

- Mom of 2 teenagers, Arvada, CO

online will

Super easy! We wish this service had been available years ago. Now there is no excuse not to have a will.

- David and Patricia, Colorado, Aurora, CO

will v trust

Setting up a will and trust is a scary experience as you must think about your world, family, and life without you. How will this impact my wife, my kids, etc.? Stressful to contemplate, but a will is a must for all to have to ensure when you are gone all is done right by you and for your loved ones. Just went through the process utilizing Amazingly simple, affordable, and caring experience. [Attorney] Shelley Thompson is great. Thank you so much!

- Father of 3 boys, South Denver, CO

online will

My husband and I found the website to be user friendly and thorough. The whole process was streamlined and clear. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. We highly recommend using iwillandtrust!

- Courtney, Denver, CO

online will

This is by far the best option for creating end-of-life documents. As an attorney myself, I know the value of ensuring that things are done right, which means enlisting the help of an experienced professional. I could not have afforded to have this done at a law firm (I know -- I received an estimate), and am so grateful that iWillandTrust was there for me. The website is easy to use, the attorney I worked with was knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, and I feel more secure knowing that my documents have all been drafted and reviewed by an expert. I really loved the videos too. Very helpful!

- Mom of 1-year-old, Aurora, CO

will v trust

Wonderfully clear and easy to use. My husband and I are very happy to have been referred to iwillandtrust.

- Expecting mom, Denver, CO

online will

iWill and Trust was simple and remarkably easier than expected. It gave me step by step guidance for each clearly laid out section. I love that an attorney will review this to be sure I answered everything correctly! This isn't something that I want to make a mistake on! I really loved the videos too. Very helpful!

- Father of 2, Colorado

will v trust

This process was extremely user-friendly. I would highly recommend this to others!

- Jennifer A., Colorado

living trust

So simple! Love the videos to help answer questions and make things a bit easier to understand.

- Jamie M., Colorado

attorney reviewed

This software was super user-friendly. We loved the video explanations that we could reference. We were able to complete this in the comfort of our own home and appreciated the simplicity of the process. Even with no law background, we were comfortable with our decisions because of the explanations provided and the attorney review.

- Amanda D., Expecting Mom

estate planning

Super-easy to complete all the necessary info and lots of helpful information to explain terms/options along the way!

- Mike M., Colorado

living will Colorado

Very simple to use and the videos very beneficial in explaining our options.

- Gerry G., Colorado

will v trust

I have been very aware that I needed a will and trust for some time. I have put off due to the cost and it is an intimidating process every time I researched. iWillandTrust was just the opposite. It was user friendly and informative without intimidating a non lawyer. Shelley [the attorney] was awesome!!!

- Kristy, Aurora, CO

online will

This service was so easy. Felt good to finally get it done. Highly recommend!

- Blended Family, Centennial, CO

online will

Very easy process, nice to see the videos and have options to go back if needed!

- Laura and Husband, Thornton, CO

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