Estate Planning Policies

The attorney in your state listed on the attorney contact page is not your attorney until you click “Begin,” submit payment and accept the engagement letter. After you have fully submitted answers to the questions, that attorney will generate your documents and review and revise them. If the attorney has questions or advice for you, he or she will contact. When you receive your will or trust documents, it is important to sign them in front of a notary and witnesses pursuant to the instructions we send you. Your estate plan is not valid until you have properly executed your documents and the notary-public and witnesses have acknowledged them.

We maintain all of the information you enter confidentially and securely. We will not share your confidential information with third parties.


Estate Planning FAQs

  • How is iWillandTrust different from the competition? Other online will and trust providers are structured so that no attorney provides legal advice and guidance. They may not ask you appropriate questions to produce an individualized estate plan that is appropriate for you and your family. Other competitors may send out documents that will not do what the customer thinks they will do; often, customers do not even realize the documents may not be right for them! With iWillandTrust, you always engage a real, experienced, careful, estate planning attorney in your state to review your information and edit your documents, and who will be sure your estate plan is customized in a way that is unavailable anywhere else online. iWillandTrust allows you to finally have a estate plan customized, reliable and accessible to you. We are proud to have happy customers! Reviews.

  • Is iWillandTrust state-specific? Yes, iWillandTrust is state-specific. Your attorney makes sure your estate plan complies with the laws of your state. The attorney reviewing your documents is an experienced estate planning attorney licensed and in good standing in your state. Because we are expanding state-by-state, your state may not be serviced yet by iWillandTrust, but we get there as soon as possible! Click here to see a list of the states currently served by iWillandTrust: Attorneys.

  • What if I pay and then decide I do not want to use iWillandTrust? If you have entered your payment information, electronically signed our engagement letter, and begin answering our questions, but you decide within 3 days that iWillandTrust is not right for you, and if you have not yet submitted your data on the Submit page, just contact the attorney in your state by phone or email (Attorneys), and request a refund by providing your full name, address, and the amount you paid. You will be issued a refund!

Single Estate Planning
$399 per person


Couple Estate Planning
$599 per couple


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